My approach is based on over 30 years of practical leadership experience underpinned by Social and Behavioural Science and will be tailored to meet your individual leadership needs and that of the people in your organisation, ranging from One on One leadership conversations to bespoke team interventions. This recognises the diverse requirements at the different levels of leadership and the power of the interdependant and interactive transforming leadership behaviours. Although each contract will be designed specifically to meet your situation some of my generic methods are described below.

Individual One on One dialogue. An opportunity to explore your own understanding of your personal style of leadership and maximise it’s effect in enhancing performance. As a qualified Coach through the Institute of Leadership and Management I will work with you in a way that compliments your business process and minimises disruption. Effective applications of this approach include email dialogue and telephone conversations/text, as well as face to face collaboration.

Group interventions and teambuilding. We are seldom as effective alone as we are working together. The group intervention process harnesses the collective power of people in groups. Work groups, peer groups and high performing teams can all benefit from their collective consideration of their shared goals. Using proven techniques from elite performance environments and working together, we can facilitate common purpose, innovation, well-being and enhanced performance.

Workplace interventions. Realising that todays workplace is characterised by short deadlines and high tempo processes, One on One dialogue and Group interventions are crafted to fit into your main effort and compliment your organisations goals. Working either on site within your workplace or at a conference centre, interventions seek to provide a real return on investment in your people’s development.

Away day and half day thinking space. As a leader you need time away from the daily commitments to be creative and refresh that all important vision, which keeps you ahead of your competition. Awaydays and half days will get you ‘outdoors’ where I will help you think about that inspirational motivation.