Return on Investment

Investing in leadership development is investing in yourself and your people.  Great leadership is about motivation and motivation is at the source of commitment and well-being.  Leadership is the force multiplier that adds value to everything you do.  Enhanced, ethical and authentic leadership focusses on what’s really important and facilitates the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ (Profit, People and Planet).  Working with you I seek to help you perform beyond expectations and as such maximise you return on investment.

Can you really afford not to invest in developing yourself and your people?

By investing in my support you will maximise the potential of your most important assets; your people, who will maitain your organisation’s edge.

See some of the recommendations from my Linkedin profile:
 “Tim sets a clear strategic path recognising the strengths of those around and looking to their development to maximise team contributuion to goals. He is hard working. He maintains a good focus. A great people-person. I enjoy his company and exchanging ideas.”

“Tim Cain is without doubt one of the most passionate advocates of positive leadership that I know. I have observed and admired his personal leadership style and I respect his extensive knowledge and understanding of the subject and its application within an organisational and operational environment. Tim walks the talk and his personal integrity shines through in all that he does.”

“Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity;  Tim’s direct and open style is not for the faint hearted, our top team were treated to a professionally deliverered and entertaining leadership day peppered with Tim’s unique experiences as an inspirational leader, modest and amusing he brought out the best my senior management team especially myself. We are now a united and co-hesive unit with crystal clear values and focus”