Bite-Sized Continued Personal Leadership Development

LogoOutlined below are some suggestions for the provision of ‘bite-sized’ workshop opportunities.  These workshops are designed to fit a 3-4 hour timescale. Alternatively modules can be grouped to provide half-day, day or multi day programmes.


‘Pack Typing’© an insight to Emotional Leadership.

The Ideal Leader.  What does He/She look like? Exploring the ‘Slippery Phenomenon’.

Leadership and Motivation.  How to get the best out of the individuals within the team.

Values.  An insight onto what values are and how they can be applied to daily performance.

Reward and Punishment.  Understanding intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.

Decision Making.  Understanding the Options.

Teams.  Grappling with interdependence and loss of control.

Coaching or Leadership?  To coach or not to coach, that is the leadership question!

Daily Coaching Skills for the Authentic Leader.  How to make coaching ‘invisible’ and authentic!

Trust.  Is it a value?

Creating the Leadership Culture.  Empowering leading and the role of the follower.

Leadership Styles and Context.  When to lead.

Substitutes for Leadership.  When not to lead!

The Human Factor.  Learning to deal with the limitations of the brain.

Mental Toughness.  ‘Preparing for Battle’

Critical Thinking.  Get over yourself and out of the box.

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