Welcome to Tim Cain Leadership

Welcome to Tim Cain Leadership.  Professional leadership development specialising in Authentic Values Based Leadership

TED Leadership Insight: ‘Collective Genius’ Linda Hill gives an inspirational TED talk about using ‘The Secret Leadership Sauce’ to create the space for ‘Collective Problem Solving‘, ‘Discovery Learning‘ and ‘Integrated Decision Making‘. Watch Here

I am a proven provider of Leadership Development and leadership speaker, with access to a network of expert associates (The HiveMind Network) who can achieve authentic, practical and effective leadership, management and coaching programmes at all levels in all three sectors, representing exceptional returns on investment in Your people.  

“It is clear that the UK is falling behind many of our key competitor nations in terms of leadership and management capability, which is undermining our productivity compared to those competitors. This is having a direct and detrimental impact on UK business profits, sales, growth and survival…. Quite simply, improving leadership and management capability is an issue that no organisation wishing to achieve long-term success can afford to ignore.” (Department for Business Innovation and Skills Report, (2012), Leadership and Management in the UK – The Key to Sustainable Growth).

At a time when many managers and organisations are under relentless economic pressure, there is a genuine need for open discussion with employees about values, plus a strong requirement for a robust set of values that help inform decisions and behaviours at all levels. (Institute of Leadership and Management Research Report (2013) Added Values. The Importance of Ethical Leadership).

If you are interested in learning more about values based leadership then read on. If you are too busy to explore your own leadership then this site is definitely for you. If you are already a good leader then share your experience.

We hear about leadership every day and see it referred to when ever we look at the papers, but what is it? What do good leaders do? How do they make a difference, and how can leadership enhance the performance of you and those around you?

Leadership is not about authority or hierarchy. It is not the preserve of the great and good, it should be available to all, and when it is, when ownership is distributed, high performance becomes the norm. What’s the difference between ‘The Leadership’, ‘Leaders’ and ‘Leading’?

Rather than leave your leadership development to chance, working with me will allow you to explore and refine, in your unique context, the specific behaviours that underpin your leadership influence.

Bottom line is that the leadership development you get here will lead to a happier and more productive life at work and home.

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